Motorization & Automation

Thatcher Retractables is a Somfy Motor Expert. We have extensive training in the best practices to manufacture and service motors for Retractable Awning, Exterior Solar Shade, and Interior Roller Shade products.


For our Retractable Awning Products, we use two types of motors.


Our Thatcher Standard Motor that is made for us by Somfy, utilizes a three button remote control that allows the user to extend, retract, and stop the motor in any position. We pre-set the stopping position for extension and retraction in the factory and our technicians adjust these positions in the field to your specifications.


We use the Somfy Sunea Motor in our Premium Plus Cassette Awning. The Sunea automatically senses when the awning is completely closed insuring that the fabric is always completely enclosed inside the cassette. The Sunea Motor re-sets its limits every 99 times to insure that the awning is always working the same as the first day it was installed.


Motors for Exterior Solar Shades & Interior Roller Shades

Motors for shade systems are extremely diverse and each application requires different strength requirements. As a Somfy Expert, we have the knowledge and support to select the right motor for your interior or exterior shade application.


Controls & Automation Options

All of our motors use RTS- which is a radio signal that operates with a range of approximately 75 feet. While we typically provide a hand-held remote control, there are other methods to control your awning or screen. A wireless wall switch can be mounted on the inside of the home near the product. Somfy offers a variety of interfaces that integrate with an existing home automation system. With the new MyLink, you can operated your product from any smart phone or similar device.



Somfy Wind Sensors sense the movement of your retractable awning and automatically retract the awning when the sensor reaches its threshold. This product can be very useful for applications where the awning is used for shading interior space when the owner is not home. Please read our blog on this topic under our Ask the Expert section.


Somfy Sun Sensors sense the amount of sun light and extend the product when it reaches it’s threshold. This product should ALWAYS be used in conjunction with Wind Sensors and a special remote control that allows this function to be disabled for the times of the year that the product should not be extended.


Somfy Rain Sensors sense water and moisture and automatically retract the awning.


To see a demonstration of these products, please visit our Factory & Showroom. Sensors do NOT prevent damage. Sensors must be adjusted and maintained properly. Please read our blog for more information about these items and consult with your awing experts before purchasing them.