Somfy is the world-wide leader in Motors, Controls and Automation for Interior and Exterior Shade Products.  Operating in 58 Countries around the world, Somfy brings shades and awnings into motion.  Somfy is not just a motor manufacturer.  They are at the cutting edge of technology combining applications, wireless technology, and seamless integration with your existing home system or even Amazon Alexa.



Our Thatcher Standard Motor that is made for us by Somfy, utilizes a three button remote control that allows the user to extend, retract, and stop the motor in any position. We pre-set the stopping position for extension and retraction in the factory and our technicians adjust these positions in the field to your specifications.  We use the Somfy Sunea Motor in our Premium Plus Cassette Awning. The Sunea automatically senses when the awning is completely closed insuring that the fabric is always completely enclosed inside the cassette. The Sunea Motor re-sets its limits every 99 times to insure that the awning is always working the same as the first day it was installed.

Controls & Automation Options

All of our motors use RTS- which is a radio signal that operates with a range of approximately 75 feet. While we typically provide a hand-held remote control standard, but there are other methods to control your awning or screen.

Somfy MyLink is a robust automation application that works from any Apple or Android Device.  Simply download the app, link it to the product, and your awnings and screens can be operated from your phone or tablet.  The application allows you to set “scenes” or combinations of different screens or awnings and schedule the products to open and close automatically.  MyLink can link with Amazon Alexa.  All of your products will then operate by just saying, “Alexa, tell Mylink to…”  If you have an existing home automation system, Somfy offers a variety of interfaces to connect and integrate.



Somfy Wind Sensors sense the movement of your retractable awning and automatically retract the awning when the sensor reaches its threshold. This product can be very useful for applications where the awning is used for shading interior space when the owner is not home.  This product is often improperly sold as a security policy for forgetting to retract your awning.  While it can servce that purpose in optimal conditions, it should not be used for that purpose.  We would love to demonstrate the product in our showroom for you so that you fully understand its benefits and limitations.



Somfy Ondeis Rain & Sun Sensor can automatically extend your awning when the Sun exceeds a certain level of brightness.  The Ondeis should always be accompanied with a Soliris Remote Control that can disable the Sun Sensor.  In Chicago, we often have very cold and windy days that are often very sunny.  An awning can be severely damaged by extending the product into a cold windy environment.  The Sun Sensor works extremely well with exterior screens and can lower utility bills by automatically lowering when the sun is bright.

In addition to the Sun Sensor feature, the Ondeis also has a Rain Sensor.  This Sensor will automatically retract the product once a given moisture threshold is reached.  This feature can also be disabled.  Retractable Awnings can provide rain protection as well in the proper application.



To see a demonstration of these products, please visit our Factory & Showroom. Sensors do NOT prevent damage. Sensors must be adjusted and maintained properly. Please read our blog for more information about these items and consult with your awing experts before purchasing them.



Thatcher Retractables has been a Somfy Expert since 2006.  Our technicians have the experience with these products to make sure that you have the best experience.  We have manufactured over 8,000 products using Somfy Technology.  We hope you are our next customer to enjoy the quality and innovation of these products.